Sticky Wicket Swing vocalists

The bands arragements have a female vocalist as standard but can be augmented with other vocalists.

Linda Morris

Linda Morris

Trained in New York, Linda became a member of Swing Shift, an Andrews Sisters style vocal harmony group. The trio worked with Ray McVay and the Glenn Miller Orchestra (UK) and found themselves touring the UK, Europe and Japan. Following a recommendation by John Bly she joined the band in 2011.

Inteli-GentsThe Inteli-Gents

Three guys, Zac, Alan and Mick who make up the UK’s top vocal harmony and Doo-Wop band and who sell out wherever they play. Drawing influences from The Five Keys, Crew Cuts, Four Aces, Mills Brothers, Delta Rhythm Boys, Ames Brothers, Cats and the Fiddle, Swing, Jazz, Doo-Wop, Rock ‘n’ Roll and blending it into their own style with pitch perfect vocal harmonies and an uncanny ability to bring something new and dynamic to the music and make it their own.


The Sticalinos

Darcie and Brenna, The Towers Sisters are joined by Linda Morris to bring us the sounds of the 1940’s Andrew’s Sisters singing group.